Printer Services

Is your Laser Printer Jamming? Displaying Error Codes? Squeaking? Putting lines down the side of the paper? Need a cleaning? Out of toner? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, or want to avoid them, call now 866-349-1721 x 4!

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West Michigan On-Site Laser Printer Repair

Our On-Site laser printer repair has the specific objective to minimize your business downtime. We perform laser printer service on a time and materials basis (1 hour minimum) and port to port mileage reimbursement if over 15 miles outside of Downtown Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo. Our technicians focus primarily on Lexmark and HP printer repairs.

Contact our service department to schedule a service call at 866-349-1721 x 4.

HP Laser Printer Repair     Lexmark Printer Repair



Maintenance Kits

Are you a repair pro and just need a maintenance kit or miscellaneous printer parts? We have thousands of printer repair parts that are not listed on the website in stock ready to ship to your workplace door. Please contact us to quote or call 866-349-1721.


 HP laser printer repair