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Our IRS approved services print, mail and e-file your W-2 & 1099 tax forms from $3.95 to $1.25 each. 


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Click "Start Filing" and you will be taken to our secure filing center.  It is free to create an account and enter or upload payer and recipient information.  You will not be charged a penny until you officially submit your tax forms.


Enter W-2/1099 Data

Simply upload your information from an Excel or CSV file or import from QuickBooks, for a quick setup. Payers, recipients, and filing information can also be directly entered through easy-to-use online data entry forms.


Check Out

You decide which forms to submit, when. Add all your forms to the cart and check out once, or submit them in batches (by company, client or form type, for example).


You're Done!

We do everything else!  We e-file your tax forms with the IRS/SSA and print and mail recipient copies.  All your information is saved securely and available to access at any time.

Compare and Save

Activity based on a set of 25 employee forms & envelopes to file 

  Purchasing Forms & Envelopes Purchasing W-2/1099 Software Labor to process, print, fold and mail forms Postage Checking filing status with IRS & State TOTAL COST
Traditional Forms $37.99 $79.00 $175.00 $11.25 $10.00 $313.24
eFiling Plus
(e-file, print & mail)
Included No Need Included Included Included $98.75
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For security purposes, you will need to create a new account on our eFiling servers to use our print, mail and e-file services. Charges on your credit card statement will read from *eFiling Plus.